SAP S/4 HANA – Simple Finance

SAP S/4 HANA – ERP of the 21st century

20 years after the release of R/3, SAP has relied on the power of the HANA engine to completely rethink its business suite. The data model for finance and logistics has been drastically simplified. Heavy treatment (financial closures, MRP…) redesigned and rewritten for HANA in order to get ever closer to real time. Redundant features are removed (principle of one).

Business intelligence and financial and operational planning features rely directly on real-time data from S/4. The solution is available on premise or in the cloud and integrates natively with SAP's new cloud solutions (Success Factor, Ariba, Hybris…). And of course, the user experience has been completely redesigned through Fiori concepts and technologies.

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S/4HANA model simplified

Simplifying the data model – Finance and Logistics

SAP S/4 HANA Finance (Simple Finance)

Drawing on the power of the HANA engine, SAP has completely redesigned and simplified the architecture of the ERP's finance and management control modules.

Simple Finance merges traditional silos (FI, CO, CO-PA, PCA, ML, FI-AA…) in one unified model, a single source of truth. The user can freely cross the accounting axes (account, company, immo…) analytics (centre, OTP, product, customer…) as well as new free axes to build its own real-time reporting. It will use the BI tools embedded on the platform (SoH or S/4).

The budgeting features have been redesigned using the BPC embedded in S/4. The user interface relies on Fiori's technology and ergonomic principles to make life as easy as possible for users. And for companies that don't want to migrate their ERPs to S/4 right away, the Central Finance scenario allows real-time centralization of data from multiple ERPs into a unified Simple Finance model.


Entering an accounting book using the Fiori app (FB50)

The BPC schedule integrated in S/4 HANA (IBP – Integrated Business Planning)

The budgeting features of the FI and CO modules (sales/margins, overhead, HR, capex, P-L, balance sheet, cash flow…) were re-developed using SAP BPC Embedded on the S/4 HANA platform. The solution is based in real time on the S/4 repository (hierarchy of cost centers, products, customers…) and data from Simple Finance (realized). This solution is called BPC Optimized or IBPF (Integrated Business Planning for Finance).

The user accesses Excel or Web input masks from the BPC process monitor, which allows contributors to collaborate around the various phases (budget, revisions, rolling forecast…) and exchange via a workflow.

SAP provides pre-configured content (SFIN) that can then be adapted flexibly to the specifics of each company. The integrated budget process blends THE usability and flexibility of BPC with the powerful calculation and simulation mechanisms of SAP S/4 (cost calculation, depreciation simulation, distribution cycles, etc.).

Budget of cost centers through BPC's Excel interface on S/4 Finance (Analysis for Office)

Budget of cost centers through BPC's Excel interface on S/4 Finance (Analysis for Office)


Cost Center Budget: Use of BPF – BPC Business Process Flows (workflow) on S/4 Finance