SAP simulation and forecasting solutions

Specialists in the integration of SAP solutions for Management Control / Finance, we advise you on the integrated architecture best suited to your context.
We support you in implementing your projects on the following simulation/forecasting solutions:

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SAP BPC Standard

BPC Standard is a simple and user-friendly tool whose most features can be administered by business (data model, repository, masks and reports, calculations, processes, permissions…). It is natively integrated on the Netweaver BW platform and communicates bidirectionally with the SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA (referential and data) ERP.
Users can create their own Excel or Web reports. Business process flows help guide users, manage the budget shuttle and the validation workflow.
BPC exists in several versions (Microsoft, Netweaver (BW) or HANA). BPC incorporates a consolidation engine and a pre-configured IFRS.

SAP BPC Embedded

Analysis for Office

BPC Embedded merges the best of the 3 solutions:

  • The richness and power of BI-IP features (aggregation levels, links between features, real-time disintegration…).
  • The user-friendliness of BPC (Business Process Flows, administration by business…).
  • The power of SAP HANA (reading, writing, calculations).

SAP BPC Optimized for S/4 HANA Finance

The budgeting features of the FI and CO modules (sales/margins, overhead, HR, capex, P-L, balance sheet, cash flow…) were re-developed using SAP BPC Embedded technology directly on the S/4HANA platform. This association BPC Embedded embedded in S/4HANA corresponds to SAP BPC Optimized.

The solution is based in real time on the S/4HANA repository (hierarchy of cost centers, products, customers…) and data from Simple Finance (realized). The user accesses Excel or Web input masks from the BPC process monitor, which allows contributors to collaborate around the various phases (budget, revisions, rolling forecast…) and exchange via a workflow. SAP provides pre-configured content that can then be flexiblely tailored to each company’s specifics. The integrated budget process blends THE usability and flexibility of BPC with the powerful calculation and simulation mechanisms of S/4HANA (cost calculation, depreciation simulation, distribution cycles, etc.).

An article on the subject.

SAP BPC for S/4 HANA Finance (Integrated Business Planning)

SAP Analytics Cloud (ex BusinessObjects Cloud)

Available only in the cloud and based on the HANA platform, this solution was designed to offer the user a unique tool that covers both planning, business intelligence and predictive functions in the same environment and through a single graphical interface. The latter has been designed to allow business users to use and set up the solution with maximum autonomy. Analysis and collaboration tools are integrated into the solution and allow users to plan, analyze and compare their points of view on the same screen (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.). It can be used in stand alone mode in a non-SAP world but it can also be natively integrated into an SAP landscape (S/4, BW, HANA, BPC…).

For more information, you can find our article “Discover the SAP Analytics Cloud solution“.