2019: SAC sequel – end…

In August 2019, I gave you an assessment of those early years on SAC. And at that moment I was telling you:

“But I think SAP Analytics Cloud will take hold in the software landscape and will become unavoidable when it comes to making a comparison of BI, Planning or Predictive tools”

And indeed in the space of 4 months we continued to have many existing customers but also new prospects who asked us to know more about SAC!

What happened between August 2019 and February 2020?

  • we have put into production 4 planning projects and new IB projects,
  • IB is much more operational than in the past when we used to process a lot of financial information.
  • we’ve worked to promote SAC to SAP customers of all sizes:
    • at the USF (SAP Customer Congress) we were able to present the work done at Air France to more than 130 participants
    • on C2U Day, Ubister customer community day of their ERP cloud DESIGN4 solution
  • a growing number of customers came to meet us to accompany them in their architectures/projects/optimizations of SAC.

What about 2020?

Of course, we are starting 2020 with projects already launched in 2019, as well as with many tracks!

In 2020, I think there will be an increase in SAP Analytics Cloud on 3 axes:

  1. we will see an increase in the number of SAC Planning – S/4HANA contexts.
  2. we will see the deployment of large projects of BI – Planning in France (accompanied by Karamba! of course)
  3. we will see more and more packaged projects. Indeed, if the software offer in SaaS brings a big simplification in its consumption, its deployment, there remains a project component that still needs to be optimized. Have more and more pre-configured approaches and stop tailoring with each project (when possible) Besides Karamba! now offers a pre-configured payroll simulation on SAC Planning. We will have the opportunity to present it at the Webinar on March 12, 2020, co-organized with SAP France

The year 2020 promises to be rich, with many customer contexts! then rdv in September 2020 for a next assessment?

In any case, thank you all for your trust!!


SAC Planning