Custom support for SAP BPC / BW / BI (TMA) applications.
Why take an support offer on SAP?

What's at stake

  • Make the most of your investment by maintaining operational conditions and changing your solution
  • Ensure preventative maintenance of your applications by anticipating upgrade tasks (Support Packages) and new versions
  • Delegate support tasks to operational teams by facilitating the link with the editor's support
  • Get one-time expertise to validate your design decisions or implement setting changes, capitalizing on best practices in the market
  • Controlling your support budget and streamlining costs


Our TMA offer of Karamba Personalized Support!

Custom SAP (TMA) support offer


Monitor the application's various settings to anticipate malfunctions.
Alert about releases and patches available.


Provide responsive support in the event of an anomaly in the operation or administration of applications.
Diagnose and propose a quick solution or workaround. Test the solution.Deploy it if validated.
Make the link in case of recourse to the publisher's support. Entering and tracking SAP tickets.


Assist the team in preparing for a new business cycle: new entities, user security, account plan adjustment,… .
Support setting changes: new deferral, new reporting scenario, interface flow,… .

This offer includes the possibility of mobilizing our BPC Expertise, BW, HANA, BI4 on mini-projects

Provide our advice to answer the questions that an CIO asks when it is necessary to evolve SAP application systems following business changes, from feasibility analysis to prototyping (POC) and production.


Karamba! has significant resources to satisfy its customers

  • EXPERT trays SAP BPC, BW , BI4 based in Paris
  • Datacenter with several SAP servers (S/4, BW, BI, Hana…)
  • Tools to manage activities, documentation and various exchanges with clients
  • Remote broadband access (Optical Fibre and SDSL)
  • Remote hands-on and video conference solutions


The benefits of The Karamba Personalized Support offer!

  • The safety of a preventative, corrective and scalable TMA to relieve your internal teams
  • Responsive support to help you make the right decisions and initiate quick and effective corrections
  • A simple and flexible TMA offer to subscribe to a full catalogue of services, from personalized remote helpdesk to on-demand on-site on-demand support
  • Access to Karamba's expertise! SAP BPC, BW , BI4
  • Full visibility into the annual budget and associated service plan
  • Regular, active follow-up to adjust TMA service as close to your needs as possible


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