SAP tool training

Training: a work philosophy

One aspect of Karamba's job! training, whether internal or external.

  • Internal training is about keeping the knowledge of its employees at a high level so that they can provide the necessary advice during demonstrations or during projects.
  • External training is the training on the tools that SAP asks us to provide in its training centre, or that we can provide to our clients.

We value training because it reflects the value of Karamba! consultants, and it makes our clients autonomous in their use of tools. The autonomy of the client once the project is completed is for us proof of a satisfied customer.

Training benefits

Karamba! you can come to you for training on one of the tools we have expertise in:

  • SAP BPC Netweaver version (standard, embedded, optimized)
  • SAP BPC Microsoft version
  • SAP BW
  • SAP Central Finance
  • SAP Simple Finance
  • SAP EPM Add-in
  • SAP Analysis for Office
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP SuPM

We can build together a generic training or training adapted to your setting so that your participants practice on practical cases modeled on their daily life.

Training methodology

Whether it's for generic (non-personalized) training or training tailored to your setting, the methodology applied remains the same within a chapter:

  • Presentation of key concepts
  • Practical case
  • Exchanges with the trainer to verify what has been made.

Quality tracking

In accordance with the standards required by the regulations, Karamba!has procedures in place to gather feedback from participants and thus enter into a continuous improvement process to better serve our clients.

Certified organization

Karamba! is a certified training organization with the prefect of the Ile de France region. By the way, Karamba! is being certified with DATADOCK, a unique database of 20 OPCAs and OPACIF with the aim of meeting quality criteria set by decree of 30 June 2015 which came into force on 1 January 2017.

Trainer for SAP France training center

For many years, Karamba has been a trainer for the SAP France training center. We may have met at SAP on topics such as finance (FI/CO), business intelligence (BW/BO) or planning (BI-IP/BPC).

Contact us for SAP training: