Karamba's story!

Karamba's DNA! comes from the fusion of our historical business, SAP expertise, with the ecological concerns shared by its founders. Beyond the desire to create a company that makes its consultants and customers happy, we hope, through our concrete actions, to help transform the individuals and companies that cross our path.
Created in November 2009, Karamba! has already completed a number of projects:

  • Nearly twenty NetWeaver BPC missions
  • Implementation of the ADEME ® Carbon Balance methodology in SAP Carbon Impact
  • The animation of numerous BPC, FI, CO and BW training courses for the SAP training centre (300 days per year)
  • Many NetWeaver BW and FICO projects

Karamba's associates! ADEME for the implementation of the Carbon ® Balances.

And before Karamba!

Before creating Karamba! its four founders had already gained solid experience around SAP solutions in the world of management control, decision-making and budgeting.

FICO experts and trainers since 1997, Olivier and Jean-François have been involved since 2002 on BPS and BI-IP solutions and have implemented many integrated budget solutions (Richemont, Rolex, L'Oréal, Air France…). In 2009, they implemented the first BPC NetWeaver solutions in France.

Sébastien has been involved in BW since the first versions and has to his credit about forty projects on this technology. Trainer and BW expert, he masters the integration of the BI4 platform at BW.

A pre-sales consultant for 4 years at Hyperion, Jean-Philippe then joined SAP where he contributed to the development of BW, BPS and BCS with many clients (EDF, Bouygues, BNP Paribas, SEB, FM Logistics) before joining the consulting world in 2006.

Before founding Karamba!, Jean-François, Olivier, Sébastien and Jean-Philippe developed ALTI's SAP BI division for 3 years.