Expertise and transmission

Because what matters most is that the work is done and done right, we strive to ensure that the solution we build for you is effective, integrated, sustainable and scalable.

Our solution architects have a long experience of the SAP solution's business and all the bricks, from the transactional core of the ERP to the latest extensions. And to stay on the cutting edge of expertise, we constantly invest more than 20% of our time to discover, understand and master and then explain the evolution of SAP solutions.

At SAP's training centre, we have been working for nearly 15 years to pass on our experience to customer and integrator teams. As part of our projects, this gradual transfer to the client's teams is of course a priority.

Respect and listening

Listening to our consultants and clients and interacting with them honestly and transparently is the obvious basis for a lasting relationship for us.
The success of a project, both technically and humanly, depends in large part on the attitude of its actors. We therefore favour listening and dialogue throughout its development.

Responsibility and action

We are responsible for the world we will leave to our children. Our mode of development brings us today to an inflection point. Time is running out and our actions in the years to come will determine the living conditions of the generations that follow us.The changes required are of a drastic magnitude.

Our ways of thinking and functioning need to be fundamentally changed. The stakes are both very disturbing and extraordinarily exciting. Our generation must transform the world.

The problems we face are complex and interconnected. It is essential to take the time to understand them. Karamba! provides its employees, partners and customers with a substantial library dealing with the various topics of sustainability.

But we are convinced that only concrete action makes a difference and leads others into change. We try, both in our personal actions, and in the choices of the company, to minimize our environmental impacts and to transmit around us this desire for change.