Living at Karamba!

Be serious without taking yourself seriously

You can be serious, rigorous, and professional without taking yourself too seriously: it's probably even a sign of seriousness!

Karamba's! humour is a sure bet that we value and a sport that we practice, if possible, on a daily basis, while remaining professional and respectful in our communication.

Listening and exchanging
In this world in crisis, the scenario of the necessary evolution is to be written.

Many initiatives that are often overlooked are emerging, but information still needs to be circulated and these initiatives to be translated into action.

And beyond technological innovations and changes in practice, it is probably also our ways of thinking about the world that we need to make fundamental changes.

Karamba! is a place of openness, exchange and discussion: we want to be an actor in the concrete change of our lives and try to contribute to it, step by step.